Saturday, 3 December 2016

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Jeans Which Saves From Rape

24 Hours SEO respect every woman of this world. Today we are going to tell you very important news that must read by everyone and also must need to share. This news is about to girl’s safety. As all of you know that in today time girls have to be careful in everywhere. Now they have to put attention at everywhere. We have brought some good news for girls. This is about her safety. Now after reading this article girl will feel very happy and also feel safety for her future.

Here we are talking about jeans which are made by two girls of Kashi India. Deeksha Pathak, student of Electronic Communication when told about the mechanism quickly came up with an idea of creating special jeans. With the help of her friend Anjali Srivastava, Who is a student of Computer Science?

What Is The Cost Of This Jeans

Many people are thinking this cost would be too much but friends this is available on very low price. This jeans rate is only 200 Rs (Around 3$). So this is very cheap too. Everyone can buy for her safety. Now girl no need to worry for sexual violence. We have also shared picture of this jeans. After, reading the news almost every day about the dreadful incidences and attacks on women, a bed-ridden father who was a driver by profession, decided to create a safety mechanism for her daughter in particular and women in general.

How Does It Work

This is designed with a walkies-talkie device which is plugged inside the device. The buttons in the device will alert the police if any attempt of molestation, rape, force or kidnapping is made on the wearer of jeans. When the button is pressed the call will go directly to the police helpline number automatically based on which the police can track the scene via surveillance.

What If Network Fail

Imagine the accused is on to you to attack and the bloody network fails, the moment the network fails the mechanism will automatically dial 100. If the police are swift enough, based on the surveillance they can trace the location and scene. This jean can be used for 3 months.

Future Plan

Deeksha says spy cameras will be installed in this jean soon that will help capture the images and video of the accused. The video recorded of the rogue will be sent automatically in bits to the numbers are saved or pre desired. This helps the Police or relatives tracing the place and the culprit fast. As per the rate this is only in very low price so easily it can be helpful for all people. Anjali’s and Deeksha’s also say that I am more concerned about the women who cannot use this option for as silly reason as they can’t wear jeans. Why not put the same device in sarees? Why only jeans? May be this initial attempt may lead to more research and development of this device which will inspire technicians, who may come up after exploration with more adaptable and feasible dress and device.

According to Banaras Hindu University Professor S.K. Sharma, this device can bring a revolution and can be considered a great breakthrough in minimizing the crimes. It can be termed and may turn out to be the best device in terms of safety of woman.


This device-dress can really help woman provided we need to know what kind of sizes is available. How about school going girls or teen age girls? There is lot of research and trail that has to be put before it is being offered to public. Whatever that is good for society, there must be a start and this start has been initiated by these two young girls and in the backdrop one of the girl’s father. Hats off and claps to them.

Note-If You Really Respect Woman Do Not Forget To Share This Article.

So now this is also possible that this invention will be very helpful for all girls. We also wish these two girls for her very creative invention. Might be she will get a very much success in future. So do not forget to share this article. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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How To Find Duplicate Content In Your Website

Friends 24 Hours SEO shared in his last articles that why you should not use duplicate content. Also we have shared that how you could find duplicate content also we have shared that how you can take action against the duplicate content user. Today we are going to learn one more tips. This is also very much important. If you are a Blogger must go in this article very seriously.

We have shared that there is two kind of duplicate content can be found. First these content can be on your website another thing is these content can be copy from your website to another website. So friends today we will talk about the duplicate content which you are using on your webpage. Now you might be thinking that how you got duplicate content. But friends it happens with all web pages.

It happed due to if someone is working on movie related blog and you are also working on movie related blog. You might be not doing copy of any article from other page. But some content will match as both of you have same type of website. So now we have to focus to reduce this thing.

Click To Read How To Find Duplicate Content And Take Action

So friend by checking this thing you can start work on the content which are making you a poor Blogger. You can trace the key words which are going to harm you. This tool will take only few minutes to check. But this is very much useful. Now you are thinking that what you need to do you just simple need to do one work. Which step is below?

Click To Read Why Should Not Use Duplicate Content In Blogging?

Step 1 - Open then type your website link in the given option. Then click on “Go” button.

Step 2 - Now you can see a link where you will see “Duplicate Content” click on that link. This should not be more than 25%.

Step 3 - Now you will be able to see the entire article and there found duplicate content detail. You can see that which article is showing duplicate content. You can also check the match%. There is too many option which you can see in this article.

By doing this you can check that how much duplicate content you have on your web page. This would help you to find your website actual picture. So do not worry if you are getting duplicate % below 25. But if you have more than 25% duplicate content this might be big issue. So if you have any problem tells 24 Hours SEO. We will solve that out. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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Friday, 22 January 2016

My 40 Months Painful Blogging Story

IMP Note-Make Sure That You Have 30 Minutes Time To Read This Article If You Do Not Have 30 Minutes Time. We Request Do Not Read This Article You Can Read This Article When You Have 30 Minutes Time. This Article Was Written By A Straggler. Who Really Did Hard Work To Become A Successful Blogger.

I am going to tell story of my blogging career. This story will help you to understand that to become a successful blogger is not easy work, but this is also not as hard as you think. I have taken approx 40 months to become a successful blogger. So I can say that was my painful 40 months. I cannot refuse to say that it was painful but also a learning time for me.

I Am Not A Well Qualified Technical Man

Friends I was not a big blogger and not had a excellent skills in blogging. I just want to share some experience with all of you so I have putted this article. Everyone want to a be successful person in their life. I also wanted the same. Friends but this is not an easy thing. I had also some dreams which I use to see when I was not a blogger. I was a very simple man who never worked on computer before his first job. So friends I am telling you these things due to I know that some people think if you are blogger then you must have any professional and technician degree or skill. These are the fake things. You no need these technician qualifications and skill. So I want to start this with my early life.

My Life Childhood To Young

In my childhood my father wanted that I should join army. But I have never thought this thing very seriously. Sometime I thought that I should do preparation for this or not? I was doing my study that time. I have done my 10+2 with Science and Math subject. After this my study was in danger due to my father said me that you have to earn now. As you are 18 years old boy you can earn money. If you will not earn how you could not continue you education. I was very much upset that time. But I thought that I am able to earn. I should search a job and start my career.

So I moved in the market. I joined a call center and also I started my education a correspondence. After 3 years I completed my graduation. I got another job in my life. Then I got marriage and I had a son. After having too many things in my life. I was wishing for new job. I love my wife and my son. I was quite happy but not fully cover with financial support. My life was going in a normal way. I have too many dreams in my mind. I wanted to a businessman but I had no idea what to do?

I Got Idea To Do MBA

In Feb 2012 I heard from my friends that If I will have degree of MBA (Master of Business Administration). Then I will get a better salary. I gone in many institute and seen their prospective for MBA. Then finally I decided to do MBA from ISBM as correspondence. I started my MBA on 25 Feb 2012. Then I was thinking that MBA is my life and after MBA I will apply for a better job.

Once Search On Web Changed My Opinion

I was 24 years old. On 4 May 2012 was the day when I understand the value blogging. I opened Google and type “Top 10 Online Earner.” After seeing that result I was shocked that people are getting more than 1 million dollars per month due to them write something on web page. That day this was clear that there is huge money in online business and blogging. That time I was also thinking that the person who writes online might be computer software engineer. I was wrong my friends. I decided that till my MBA will not complete I will try for this once. I have shared this idea with my some friends some that you are a fool. Online money is for only for IT professionals. Letter my 2 more friends agree on my view that we can make handsome money by online website.

14 Aug 2012 My First Website Launched Which End With Failure

Friends Idea was in my mind and me and my 2 more friends reached in a software engineer office. We have taken a domain name to start a website which would be based on free ads posting. On the 14 Aug 2012 was the day when we have taken the first URL of website. I was very much excited my 2 more partner was also happy. After 45 days my website was ready to use.

After working a month we start to get 15-20 visitors per day. We were promoting our website on Facebook and by verbal communications. After 6 months we are having approx 40 visitors per day. Then my partner said that we are working from last 6 months and not getting amount. We need our money back we have invested amount in a wrong field. I was very much surprised that these people are asking for money back. I refused to them. I said that start doing hard work we will get our money from this website. But my friends left me alone.

I also thought that to maintain domain charge, hosting charge, space charge, server charge and maintenance cost is high. So I was looking for some good option. In Jun 2013 I stop working on my first website. I thought that I should not go with these things anymore. I started to enjoy with my old friends. I was looking for a new job in my life.

Blogger.Com Changed My Life

Friends I had stop working my website and the domain name was also expired. Luckily on 14 Aug 2013 I was on a platform which URL end with I was very excited to know that what kind of website BlogSpot is. I searched this thing in Google. I got too many positive views on BlogSpot. When I come to know that Blogspot is free then decided to start this for fun purpose only. To start a BlogSpot platform was very each I started this within 2 hours of reading. I started a movie related BlogSpot. After spending 6 months on that blog I was getting 100 plus visitor per day. I was very happy. I think that if I could get 100 visitors per day to working in a simple way I should start more working on this.

Learn How To Create A Blog On In 2 Minutes

My Career Was In Danger

Friends in March 2014, I completed my MBA. I was also getting 100 visitors on my Blog. I was very much confused that I must continue blogging for I should focus on my job career. Then I thought that I must continue this as if I will be successful I can make my big amount which I cannot get in job. So my decision was to continue with blogging. My father was not happy with my decision. As per him I was wasting my time in front of Laptop. He also said me that your Laptop takes too much electricity. He said that your internet cost is too much. Left these blogging and search another job. What you will say to your son if you get fail? My wife was also not happy with my decision. I was also very much confused that do I should do this or not? But I thought whatever will happen I will give to some to my blogging career. After working some more time. I was not able to increase my visitors. This was a very bad news for me. From March 2014 to Aug 2015 my father was daily scooting me. Every day I was listing from my father that you will get fail in blogging you will get nothing. That time I was thinking does I am really wasting my time or what?

I was thinking I have taken right decision or not? My weight was also increasing as I was sitting a lot. I was 140 pound in May 2012 in Sep 2015 I become 200 pound. I thought I will sell my Laptop and stop blogging. I will use my MBA degree to get more success.

Sep 2015 My Life Changed

On 1 Sep 2015 I have written a article on a coming movie Bollywood Dangal. I got 600 visitor which was 3 time from my normal visit 200 per day. I was very much happy. Then I decided that I am on the right way. Then I thought that I should learn blogging from start now.

I was learning daily on Google search engine about SEO, Keyword, Blogging, and Traffic and about too many things. I found that we must have a proper knowledge which we can get from search engine easily. With learning these things on 20 Sep 2015 first time I was on 1000 visitor per days. I have reached on 2500 visitor on 20 Oct 2015. So after learning about blogging and SEO I got traffic 600 to 2500 in just 50 days. Friends you can also get this high traffic in just 45 days.

Learn How To Activate HTTPS Support In Blogger

In the same time in Sep 2015 Blogger started there HTTPS support for there BlogSpot platform. Then was so much happy I also thought that I am on the right way or my career. As HTTPS support remove complaint of some people who are saying that Blogger is not safe platform. This time was very valuable for me. Now today I am very much proud to be a Blogger.

24 Hours SEO Start

After getting a very good response after 40 months struggle. I decided that I had 40 months pain but if someone more want to be a blogger I will not allow him/her to take pain. I think that if anyone starts new blog or website he/she can get traffic in just 6 months. If you follow good rule and regulation you can easily reach at 1000 visitor in just 6 month and you can reach at 10000 visitors in a year. This is very easy.

So after looking these things I started 24 Hours SEO on 26 Oct 2015. This blog is for the help of all start level blogger. You can subscribe our blog and get a good traffic. I have 40 months pain but you have a good friend name 24 Hours SEO. If you have any doubt the write us on we are always for your help.

Now focus on the five things then you can learn a lot from 24 Hours SEO. If you will follow these things you will definalty get a huge benefit. These five thing are below given.

SEO Tips
Earning Program
Internet Tips
Blogger Templates
Our Newsletter

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

What Is A Publisher?

Friends when I started my Blogging career. I was not sure about my future. Until unless I was not aware for any earning program. When I got some information that someone is known as publisher and he is getting money. Then I started to follow the word which name is Publisher. I did a lot of work on this name. So today 24 Hours SEO will love to tell you about Publisher of digital marketing.

What Is A Publisher?

A Publisher is a person who takes ad from a company and publish ad on his website or blog. Publisher got paid for this. So there is too many way form where publisher get paid. But mostly time publisher get payment on the three type basis.

(1) CPM - CPM stands for “Cost per Thousand Impressions”. This is used in traditional advertising media selection, as well as online advertising and marketing related to web traffic. Basically CPM is cost of per 1000 impression. In this program publisher get paid on per 1000 impression. Click To Read What Is CPM?

(2) CPC- CPC stands for “Cost Per Click”. In this program we have seen the company provide payment to publisher on per click basis. This is one of the most popular types of program.

(3)CPA - CPA stands for “Cost Per Ad”. This is also known as affiliate program. In this program publisher put ad code on his website or blog. When someone buys something by clicking on publisher ad link then company pays some fix commission to publisher.

Why Publisher Is Important In Digital Marketing?

Friends there is too many companies who promote their business using too many marketing plan. For example if any one opens any Hotel then they love to promote their business by many way. Might be they will share an ad in newspaper. They will make a big banner for visibility. They will do this because if they will not do then very few people will come in their Hotel. So this is a plan of marketing.

Same in digital marketing publisher play a massive to provide space for all company. There is a big benefit in Digital marketing that people can view marketing and visibility from every place of world. It makes small business into a wide business.

So friends hope now you are clear on publisher. Hope now you want to be a publisher of any Adsense program. So friends this is the smart way to make money. So if you are reading article it means you are serious about the Blogging and Publisher. So hope you will start as publisher from today. As 24 Hours SEO is always for you help. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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Thursday, 7 January 2016

How To Find Duplicate Content And Take Action

Friends in the last article we have learnt that why duplicate content is useless for all Blogger. This is one of the sources of killing traffic. We have also learned that how we can avoid the duplicate content. So now today we are going a step ahead. This is related to find the duplicate content.

So there is two kind of duplicate content can be found. First these content can be on your website another thing is these content can be copy from your website to another website. So a good Blogger need to eyes on this all kind of illegal activity. A good Blogger need to take care that does someone is not using his content. Also a good Blogger does not use any duplicate content himself.

Click To Read Why Should Not Use Duplicate Content In Blogging?

Now you must know that does your content is going to use on other website or not? So friends now you are thinking that the trace that your content is going to use on another web page is very much hard. But friends this takes a minute only. So now what to do you need to do? You need to follow just 2 easy step.

(1) Copy Your Any Content And Search On Search Engine
Friends this is a very easy step. Now to check does your page content is going to use on another page or not? Just copy some content and put on the search engine.

(2) Search The Result Of Search Engine
Now after putting content you will see some pages which will be relevant to your content so now need to check all web page does this match to your website content or not? If it does match then it means someone is using your content.

What Action Should Be Taken If Someone Using Duplicate Content?

Friends there are many ways to stop duplicate content if someone using from your web page. This is very much necessary tool. 24 Hours SEO recommend this big reason of action against these activity is that this is killing your content too. Sometime people see duplicate content and thinks your content are fake. So we have to take a action against this thing. So now you can use many ways as you want but if you do not know that you can use these 3 ways.

(1) Send A Mail To Inform Duplicate Content Web Page Admin
If you found that someone is using your webpage content then first time you can send him E-Mail and just inform his that you are tracing this thing and do not copy any content from my web page. This will help him to know that you are not doing Blogging with closed eyes. So you can send this request to another web page admin or owner by mail.

(2) You Can Take Legal Action
Friends if you have sent mail to the duplicate content web page admin or owner and he is not stopping his activity then on the second level you can take a legal action against him. To doing duplicate content from one web page to another is like to stole something. So do not shy take action against him.

(3) Inform About That Web Page In Circle
Friends if you are a Blogger and doing very serious SEO and Blogger and also trying to find duplicate content. It means that you have a very good online circle. SO if you get any this kind of website or blog just inform to your all online circle that which page is doing this activity. This would help you a lot to find that victim.

Click To Read How To Find Duplicate Content In Your Website

So friends hope now you have know that how to found the duplicate content and how to take a action against the duplicate content. Friends this is also a part of Blogging by doing this you are going a ahead to Blogging. Hope you have enjoyed this tips. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Why Should Not Use Duplicate Content In Blogging?

Friends today 24 Hours SEO are going to talk about a very important topic. This is related to writing skill. Friends writing skill is a very important part in Blogging. If you write something people know you from your writing only. But some people make their writing skill very poor by using shortcut tools. So do not do that here we are going to talk about the topic which is about the copy articles.

Many time some new Blogger use this trick. But it does not work. Friends many people start blogging with a wrong idea. That is copy the article or content from another web page. This is not right. This is the biggest mistake which 24 Hours SEO has notice. This mistake is the reason of an unsuccessful SEO and Blogger. This also kills your skill and website traffic too. Now many of you are thinking that how it does kill the website?

What Is Duplicate Contening?

Friends this question came in many Blogger mind some Blogger are very old but when we talk about copy or duplicate content they really do not know. So if someone do copy from any content from any website and update the same on another website this is known as duplicate content or copy article.

Why People Do This?

Friends 24 Hours SEO has notice that when some new Blogger start their journey without knowledge of any particular subject. Then after some time Blogger feel that he is not able to manage the article content in those circumstance he try help of another website by doing copy content. So after doing this Blogger himself get trouble. So friends after creating these kind of content no website can get traffic or quality visitors. Might be possible that for the sometime this trick will work but for the long time this not work. So do not make this mistake. Now we have also notice the 2 major losses by using duplicate content.

(1) Duplicate Content Not Help In SEO
This is very much true if someone use the duplicate content. Then visitor do not like that content. The big reason behind this the content which visitor have already seen does not want to see again. So by doing this visitor can left your web page. Also if any visitor cross checked your article and found that you are using duplicate content then surely he would love to left your web page. By losing the visitor your SEO become poor and your churn rate will increase a lot. So this would be harmful for your web page.

(2) Duplicate Content Does Not Show In Search Engine
This is also true that the duplicate content does not show in search engine. For example if I have writing a article then if you would search that article in search engine then search engine will show result and will publish my article on top. But if you have done copy and paste my article to your web page. Then search engine will not reflect that article on the top page. Might be possible that your copy article will show on 100th+ page. So mostly user cross check article on just top 10 pages. So by doing copy you are killing your website.

How To Keep Distance From Duplicate Content

So now you have aware that by putting duplicate content you are killing your web page. So now friends you might be also thinking that how you could avoid from these things. How could you save your webpage from copy? So this is not a big task to do. This is very simple you just need to take care of few points. As 24 Hours SEO always try to make you a perfect SEO and Blogger. So there is basically 4 golden tips by using that you can save your article or web page by copyrights. You have to keep these 4 things in your might before writing.

(1) Select A Proper Web Page
Friends this is the start of any Blogger. So when you are doing start of any Blog or Web page make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about those content. We have notice that people take web page name by watching someone else. Do not do this. Please think a lot on your web page name and if you have capability to write on any subject then start web page with that name. If you are good in sport just start a sport related web page. Do not start a movie related web page. Only reason was your friend having movie related web page and he is very successful in movie web page. This would be very useful and this would help you to save from duplicate content.

(2) Take Time For Each Article
This happened when you start Blogging and you start putting article very fast. Some people put too many articles and when they do not have anything to write they start copy of content. So friends if you are putting any article then take a proper time for that do not run any article in hurry. 24 Hours SEO take approx 6 or 7 hours to put any article. So when you take too much time in thinking you can create your imagination you no need to focus on copy.

(3) Think Before Write
This tool is very much helpful. We know that every good Blogger think a lot on any subject before writing. 24 Hours SEO also follow this. Your thinking and imagination make a lot of sense. If you have putted ay article by your imagination that you will himself feel very good while uploading your article. This will also increase your confidence in Blogging. By doing this you can be a professional Blogger.

(4) Create Your Own Content
This is the golden rule to avoid duplicate content. Do not take any help of any web page just create article on your experience. What you have felt just write down. If you are putting article on your experience that it means that you have said good bye to duplicate content.

Click To Read How To Find Duplicate Content And Take Action

So friends just using these small tips you can keep avoid to duplicate content to your web page. Also this is true that people love unique content no one like duplicate content. Admin of 24 Hours SEO takes a huge time to write article. This is the reason that he thinks a lot and uses his own experience. So hope now you will not us any duplicate content. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

How To Select Subject Of A Article?

Today we are going to learn a very essential starting chapter. Friends doing SEO is very easy but you have to keep something in your mind and you have to follow them. Writing a perfect article is also part of a SEO. So when I think to write a article I think for subject of that article.

This is the very first step for Blogging any article. Many people ignore this. For writing an article this is very much important to choice the topic. Some time people start writing a topic which they do not like. Your subject shows all the story of your article. So subject should be like describe the entire article.

This is one of the turning points of any article to get a nice topic and subject. If you have taken suitable topic or subject you will not get a poor response. So taking a topic is very important as this is root of any article. Like you have seen so many books when we see book name we understand that what book want to say. For example we see subject of any book “SEO” then we got means that this books is on SEARCH Engine Optimistic. So focus on subject. Here we are sharing some tips for finding a good topic of article.

Click To Get Tips To Write A Perfect Article?

Do not ignore subject this will help you to get nice traffic easily you will also start getting nice response if you have did proper subject work on blog. Some time people do not use right subject and get a very poor response on blog. I have also done this mistake many times. But hope after reading this you will not do this thing. So friends this is not a very hard work to select a subject but yes there is few rules which you can follow to get a subject of a article. As per 24 Hours SEO there are 5 basis rules to select a article subject.

Rule No 1 – Think For Subject
Before doing selection of any article. You must give some time to think on subject of that article. Admin of 24 Hours SEO takes 1 or 2 days time to think on article and there subject. This will help you to get the relevant things. If you have given full concentration on your article then you will defiantly get nice response. So friends first step to thing on the topic and make a different subject.

Rule No 2 – Your Imaginations
Some people think that if you need to write an article then you must just start writing but friends this is not a write way to do blogging. You have to thinks first then they can move the second level of article subject. Which are imaginations? You imaginations gives you change to think a lot and before putting any article subject make a picture of that subject in you imaginations. Then you will be able to get related and better subject.

Rule No 3 – Take Feedback
Friends now you are thinking that if you are going to write any article then why you need to take feedback. This is very necessary. I was writing an article and my friends seen that. He suggested me a better subject of that article. So friends you can take feedback on subject from your friends, family and other people. This will help you a lot. After getting feedback follow rule no 1 and think that your adviser has given you right subject or not?

Rule No 4 – Do Not Be In Hurry
We have found one mistake that people start writing and run in hurry. Do not make this thing. Take your time and wait for the nice subject. Sometime admin of 24 Hours SEO takes 3 or 4 days time to write article. We have also seen that people write article in hurry but after sometime they thought that they could write better. So do not run in hurry.

Rule No 5 – Do Not Copy
This is the one of the biggest mistake which Blogger use to do. Friends we would like to tell you that never ever copy any subject of any article. This kills your SEO. When you write a copy article your search engine ranking goes down. Read More Why Should Not Use Duplicate Content In Blogging?

So hope you have done deeply analysis of this topic. Hope you will follow these tips. These are the common things which we have to follow. Hope now you will be able to get a nice response in blogging. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How To Add EMail Subscription Button In Blogger ?

Today we are going to learn a very important chapter of Blogging. Today 24 Hours SEO would love to introduce you from a very special widget. This widget is use to work for SEO purpose. Today we are talking about the Subscribe Button in blogger. This button is very useful for all blogger. This help a lot in Blogging. Many time people want to get update Blogging update on E Mail then this widget help then.

Now we have to learn how we can add this widget in Blogger. You have seen this kind of subscribe option in many Blog like So now you can also add this by follow simple 6 step. This will take approx 2 minutes to add this widget.

Step 1
Go to the Blogger page or click to get direct now click as per below image.

Step 2
Then click on Layout link

Step 3
Now you can see too many add a Gadget option so click where you want to see Subscribe Button.

Step 4
Too many option will show. Find the Follow By Email and click on that link.

Step 5
Now you will see so many option. Now you can modify detail as per your requirement.
(A) You can change title name as per your requirement.
(B) You can view the status that how many people added Mail Subscription in your blog.
(C) Then Click On SAVE.

Step 6
Now you can see Subscribe By Mail Button in your Blog.

Now hope you have known that how you can add this button. This is very easy to update. But this gives a lot of benefit to all of us. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

How To Add Related Post Widget?

This is Widget tool which help to get the related article link in the end of the article. This tool always used in the last of the article. This is basically depending on the Label. This show the related article on the basis of Labels. So basically this is the Widget which shows the related post of the article label. This widget is known is related post widget. This widget is very much useful as we have discussed benefit of this widget in our last article of 24 Hours SEO we recommends this tool for all Blogger this will help to get the right article. So now we are going to tell you the by which you can activate this.

Click To Read Benefit Of Related Post Widget

Step 1-Open

Step 2-Go To Template

Step 3-Click On Edit HTML

Step 4-Type CTRL+F then you will see a option to of Search type </head> there and enter. Now copy below code and paste above the </head> tag.

<!--Code Start-->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<style type='text/css'>
#related-posts a{border-right: 1px dotted #eaeaea;}
#related-posts a:hover{background: #EEEEEE;}
#related-posts h2{margin-top: 10px;background:none;font:18px Oswald;padding:3px;color:#999999; text-transform:uppercase;}
#related-posts .related_img {margin:5px;border:2px solid #f2f2f2;object-fit: cover;width:110px;height:100px;transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;-webkit-transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;-moz-transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;-o-transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;-ms-transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;-webkit-border-radius: 5px;  -moz-border-radius: 5px; border-radius: 5px; }
#related-title {color:#666;text-align:center;padding: 0px 5px 10px;font-size:12px;width:110px; height: 40px;}
#related-posts .related_img:hover{border:2px solid #E8E8E8;opacity:.7;filter:alpha(opacity=70);-moz-opacity:.7;-khtml-opacity:.7}</style>
<script type='text/javascript' src='' />
<!--Code End-->

Note-You can do three modification in article
(1) You can modify the height and width of thumbnails as per your choice by doing modification in width:110px;height:100px
(2) You can change the Color and size of post by doing modification in #related-title {color:#666;text-align:center;padding: 0px 5px 10px;font-size:12px;width:110px; height: 40px;}

Step 5-Now search <div class='post-footer'> and enter 2 time and below the second tag of <div class='post-footer'> need to put above code. After putting code save template.

<!-- Code Start-->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div id='related-posts'>
<b:loop values='data:post.labels' var='label'>
<b:if cond='data:label.isLast != &quot;true&quot;'>
<script expr:src='&quot;/feeds/posts/default/-/&quot; + + &quot;?alt=json-in-script&amp;callback=related_results_labels_thumbs&amp;max-results=5&quot;' type='text/javascript'/></b:loop>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var currentposturl=&quot;<data:post.url/>&quot;;
var maxresults=5;
var relatedpoststitle=&quot;<b>Related Posts:</b>&quot;;
</div><div class='clear'/><div style="font-size: 9px;float: right; margin: 5px;"><a  style="font-size: 9px; text-decoration: none;" href="" rel="nofollow" >Related Posts Widget</a></div>
<!-- Code End-->
Note-Youcan modify the number of post by doing modification in line which name is “var maxresults=5;” you can change the word 5 as per your desire number which you want to see in recent post widget.

Now hope you have learned that how you ca add recent post widget in your Blog. This is only a 5 minutes task. But this give a lot of response in Blogging all the Blogger you must have this tool. Friends if you need any Blogging related tips and support then Contact Us. We will help to solve the same. Be connected with us to get this kind of useful update. You can also Subscribe Us for these daily update.
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